Salesforce & CRM Services

Bowfin was born out of Salesforce's internal deployment team. 

Our team is comprised of experts that have worked on some of Salesforce's biggest rollouts. We know the platform better than most and remain in close contact as a strategic partner with our friends and Salesforce. Our team leverages our experience deep Salesforce and Consulting experience to learn your business and the discrete details that define your operational and strategic needs. Then, our business strategy, UX and visual design experts work with you to created transformational experience on the Salesforce platform. 


Bowfin approaches every Salesforce initiative with the same intent - to help you create a better human experiences. Whether your goals are to engage your customers, increase donor spend, or enhance your internal teams' efficiency, we create the right experiences for your audiences. Further, our solutions will help you better understand your customers by increasing efficiency & knowledge across your business.  Our advanced Salesforce team will partner with you to guide you through projects of nearly any complexity, and we'll help you to build the necessary relationships and process for your Sales, Service, Online Community Management, Marketing, and Strategic Planning efforts. 


Our unique position as both a Salesforce Partner and a Digital Strategy Agency, allows us to consider your external audience pipelines, (whether your talking to customers, users, donors, prospective students or members) and then understand what it takes to deliver effective, cogent and impact-driven messages from end-to-end. 


Specifically, our team can help you leverage Salesforce to transform your:

  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • Service

  • Customer ommunities

  • Internal team communities

  • CPQ

  • Volunteer management

  • Event Management

  • Internal team effectiveness

  • AI and Machine Learning (Einstein)

  • Custom Integrations. 

Bowfin's unmatched Salesforce experience provides our clients with a complete solution that allows you to deliver better human experiences and increase revenue. 

Our Mission is Simple: Deliver Better Human Experiences Ready to Get Started?