Case Studies - NPH-USA

Transforming the lives of vulnerable children in Latin America and the Caribbean through an advanced Salesforce donor portal and data solution.

Project description: 

NPH-USA is the largest division of Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH, Spanish for "Our Little Brothers and Sisters"), which raises and supports over 6,000 orphaned, abandoned, and disadvantaged children in 9 Latin American & Caribbean countries. Additionally, NPH community outreach programs provide 140,000 services in 2017 including, shelter, food, education and medical aid.  Bowfin | CGM worked directly with NPH leadership to reimagine their donor experience and service & support offerings through an advanced Salesforce and digital engagement portal.


NPH-USA relies heavily on their donors, who provide individual gifts, as well as sponsorship of the children throughout their network. As their efforts have grown, operational challenges created a disjointed user experience, with information split across various databases at NPH’s international office, as well as regional offices. Because of the website and portal challenges, (coupled with data and ecommerce management for recurring donations), NPH was losing near $150,000 annually, just from changes in credit cards each year. Further, long-time donors were dropping off, given delays (and manual processes) to distribute tax paperwork.

The Bowfin team went above and beyond on this project. From strategic planning, to donor experience, to creative and development, we had a committed partner guiding us toward our goals. 

Christian Delgado, CFO/COO NPH-USA

Working with NPH-USA team members, CGM designed a new self-service donor portal, allowing donors to easily log-in and download their tax paperwork, manage their sponsorship, and receive updates regarding their engagement with NPH-USA. The system wouldn’t be possible without the advanced features Salesforce’s Lightning Experience, the Nonprofit Success Pack, household data models and a custom web application build on Salesforce’s Heroku platform. The culmination of the effort is a donor-centric solution that makes NPH-USA a trailblazer in terms of donor engagement and data management.

Results: The results for the project were immediate. In addition to overwhelming support from the board and global team members, a few metrics stand out:
Children supported through the success of the new donor portal.
Number of donor records converted to the new household model.
in lost recurring revenue saved.
visitors in the first month.