Project Scientist

Delivering STEM education that empowers young scientists to solve tomorrow's challenges.  

Project description: 

When a client referred Project Scientist to Bowfin's advanced Salesforce & web teams, we were honored to support their mission - to transform the face of STEM by nurturing today’s future scientists who will lead the world in solving tomorrow's greatest challenges. The non-profit, with programs in CA and NC, was the vision of Sandy Marshall. While working as the Executive Director and Founder of The NASCAR Foundation, She learned of the disadvantages that girls and women have in STEM majors and careers, and she became committed to doing what she could to make a difference in her own community - Project Scientist had lift off!


The need for Project Scientist was based off a vast amount of research that shows girls with a high skill, aptitude, and talent for STEM subjects are not currently served or identified at a young age. But as the programs grew, the quickly realized a need to extend the functionality of their Salesforce instance - and integrations with the existing website. 


Like any great scientist, a key objective of Project Scientists' teams were to measure and gather data to help inform our work and provide valuable information to the greater STEM community. Focusing on attitudinal development, mentoring, and familial and community engagement Project Scientist programs create an environment and atmosphere that foster self-discovery, self-confidence, and encourages girls to envision themselves in non-traditional roles and fields. While the research driving their mission were in place, the data they collected internally for their scholars and families had hit a road block.


They realized that the individual who configured their existing Salesforce system had done a poor job in architecting their data. Further the complexity of their multi-state program, partner participations and grant processes required a team that could untangle the data form their business processes and delivery a stable system that could provide quantifiable data regarding their program enrollments, donor engagement and a variety of reporting needs. With time, we collectively realized that their online (website-driven) application process was also leading to challenges.


Though a collaborative process, we evaluated the areas of greatest need and created a plan to re-engineer their Salesforce systems and web presence in order to make their internal systems better align with their mission and program delivery.  

Playing a part in creating female scientists of the future is an awesome responsibility; we're proud to deliver technology that helps Project Scientist make that happen. 

John Hergert - CEO, Bowfin
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Our Certified Salesforce team re-engineered their Salesforce System from the ground up. We started with a thorough business process review to better understand how Project Scientist markets to prospective students through their entire application process, enrollment and scholarship programs. This effort led the team to redesign their data model and configure a variety of enhancements to their system. 


We transitioned their existing email software to a system that better integrates with Salesforce, and re-built website templates to integrate Salesforce web-to-lead forms, support SEO and to extend Proejct Scientists audience experience to mobile devices.  Most importantly, the new systems will support their expanded growth and strategic vision for the next 5+ years.


Project Scientist continues to expand and grow, leading STEM programs in key markets of Lost Angeles and Charlotte.
Program locations, including Charlotte and Los Angeles.
girls have participated in Project Scientist programs
teachers have mentored our students and supported our programs.